Pairing Your Rabbit

Tips for successfully pairing your rabbit!
• Both rabbits being neutered
• Introducing the rabbits to
each other in a new place
• Large and suitable housing for both 


Like us, rabbits are social animals and companionship is crucial. However 57% of the UK's pet rabbits live alone. Sadly, many pet owners simply don’t realise that solitude equals suffering.

RAW 2016 wants to change this. The primary objective of this year’s campaign will be a #Buddies for Bunnies pledge to inspire pet owners to consider suitable friends for their single rabbits by encouraging re-homing from welfare centres.

Over 67,000 rabbits are given up for adoption in the UK every year. The reasons given for leaving them at rescue centres vary from regretted impulse purchases, the cost of vaccination & neutering and behavioural issues.

Throughout June, over 3,500 vets across the UK will offer free healthcare checks for bunnies, rescue centres will provide advice and support, and many pet shops and retailers will have offers and events as part of Rabbit Awareness Week.