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We know how passionate schools, parents and pupils are about animal welfare. Each year many of you come together for RAW to help support and promoted the welfare needs of rabbits. RAW offers a great chance for schools to educate their students and the local community about rabbits and the five welfare needs. Please have a look at the resources below and find out more about how you can get involved in this year’s campaign and get maximum awareness in your local community for your part in Rabbit Awareness Week.

The 5 welfare needs

Rabbits, along with all other animals have five key welfare needs. Click each welfare need to find out more or download our RAW Rabbit Care Guide.


An appropriate balanced diet


A rabbit friend to live with


To be protected from pain, suffering and disease


Safe, secure housing that allows them space to roam


The opportunity to be able to exhibit normal behaviour patterns

Move away from muesli

This year's campaign is all about encouraging owners to move away from muesli towards a healthier high-fibre, hay based diet for their rabbits. Read the partners' letter to see why we're challenging owners to 'move away from muesli'.

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Wood Green The Animals Charity

Find out more about Wood Green The Animals Charity and their work with schools.

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Did you know?

Rabbits are incredibly sociable animals and if they don’t have the right company and lots of fun things to do they can suffer.