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Battle Flatts

Battle Flatts Veterinary Clinic in Stamford Bridge is a RWAF Gold standard rabbit friendly practice.

They integrate small mammal behaviour, health and husbandry into their training in order to deliver the specialist care and attention rabbits require and have been taking part in RAW for a number of years. 

Lynne Parkinson (RVN) and Gemma Graham (BVMS MRCVS) share their top tips for a successful RAW campaign and the benefits of taking part on their practice. 

Getting involved with RAW

All four branch managers ensure they alert their clients early through emails and social media pages, as well as decorating their waiting rooms with exciting displays and lots of rabbit products to offer. Throughout the month, they have a dedicated vet offering rabbit health checks. An “ask the vet” section on their Facebook page encourages people to get involved and interested in their rabbits’ health and welfare.

“RAW offers a great opportunity to engage with our clients and educate members of the public on the needs of these specialised creatures. The rabbit clients that get involved with us during RAW each year have given us such positive feedback.”

Lynne and Gemma’s top tips for a successful Rabbit Awareness Week

  • Use the RAW website – it’s a fantastic hub of information!
  • Utilise the power of social media with interesting posts on different RAW subjects.
  • Brief staff as a group on the various activities that will be taking place so everybody is aware of what is going on.
  • E-mail rabbit owners separately to treat them as individuals and make them feel special.

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Whether it is diet, husbandry or vaccinations, every rabbit owner should be aware of their pet rabbit’s fundamental health and welfare needs. RAW helps educate misguided rabbit owners by shining a light on these special creatures which are often forgotten about or regarded as children’s or pocket pets. Ultimately, the more vets that get involved in RAW, the more rabbits can be reached.

“Just get involved! RAW is a great way to engage with your clients and promote good rabbit welfare and care. In our experience, dedicated rabbit owners are some of the most attentive and pick up on a range of subtle changes in their beloved pets. A happy rabbit makes a happy pet.”

Find out what Battle Flatts Veterinary Clinic are up to for RAW 2020!