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Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital RVC

Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital is one of the first veterinary practices to receive an RWAF Gold Standard in rabbit care.

As part of the Royal Veterinary College in London, the practice has a separate department for prey species like rabbits, and is responsible for educating both undergraduate and postgraduate veterinary and nursing students specialist skills in exotic animal care.

We asked Nadene Stapleton (BVSc, MRCVS, Cert AVP) how they contribute to RAW and what the campaign means to them.

Getting involved with RAW

Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital has supported RAW for many years by offering free rabbit health checks, hosting informative talks for rabbit owners around the theme of each RAW campaign and giving out goodie bags full of fun rabbit-themed surprises such as rabbit-shaped cookies.

The entire practice gets involved and the whole team, including the students, are actively encouraged to brush up on their rabbit knowledge as they know they are going to be asked lots of rabbit-themed questions.

“The RAW campaign gives us such a wonderful opportunity to focus on everything rabbit and it gives everyone the opportunity to ask what changes they can make that appear small to them but make a huge difference to their rabbit's quality of life.”

Nadene’s top tips for a successful Rabbit Awareness Week

  • Do whatever you can manage, no matter how big or small. Our jobs can be stressful, but even the smallest involvement can make a big difference.
  • Educate yourself - sign up for some rabbit CPD and watch the educational videos on the RAW website
  • Get rabbit owners involved, too - offer free health checks, talks and goody bags. Your clients will be thankful for it!
  • Set up a display in the waiting area and write a handout on the importance of vaccinations.

Jump into RAW

Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital stretch out RAW for an entire month to take the time to educate as many of their clients on rabbit welfare as much as possible and see a real difference. They implore other practices to take the initiative too, to see healthier and happier rabbits, more vaccinations and less referrals.

“What are you waiting for? From students, vets and nurses through to clients, we take the time during Rabbit Awareness Week to put the focus on this wonderful pet whose whole life can be improved if we just take the time to be educated about their needs.”

Find out what Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital are up to for RAW 2020!

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